Every year new backpackers join us, whether it’s to make some travel money, complete their 88 days or to get a taste of rural Territory tavern life. From overseas travellers, Aussie road-trippers or people stopping by who just can’t get enough, we love the ever-growing BST family and thought we should share some of the many awesome people who joined us this year;

Name: Lauren O’Mahony
Age: 24
Hometown: Cobh, County Cork (Ireland’s True Capital), Ireland
Reason for picking BST: A very serendipitous opportunity! We met Aimee McGee in a hostel in Sydney, said our goodbyes, and after a few weeks of Hugh and I stressing about finding regional work, we bumped into each other again as she was moving to the NT to work at BST. We rang up and low and behold, Liz is also from Cobh! It sounded like a home away from home. And that is what Berry Springs has become for us 🙂
Why would you recommend BST: It’s a true family, where everyone will laugh and cry with you through all the great, not-so-great and totally crazy shifts! You will always feel looked after and no matter what, be greeting with a smile when you come into work.
Most memorable moment: The Adelaide River Rodeo (shoutout to Dan for letting us all off early to whip it down the road to make the last of it); Aimee and I dancing to Abba on a close shift (there’s video evidence); A three day camping trip to Kakadu where our 2000 Toyota Camry fit right in amongst all the 4WDs. Making genuine friends for live and living in our caravan with geckos and spiders for pets.
Mic drop last words: Live, laugh, love. May the barefoot and cowboy era live on.
Where to next: The Queensland coast for a campervan road trip. We have yet to explore VIC, SA and WA and no doubt that our journey will bring us back to the NT for some more sunsets and dirt roads!

Shoutout to Sloan Dog Millionaire and lovely Leah for the unforgettable opportunities!

Name: Hugh O’Connor
Age: 25
Hometown: Cork, Ireland
Reason for picking BST: A friend of ours had started her 88 days and was loving it, so we decided to apply and thankfully there was work available for us.
Why would you recommend BST: Really friendly and fun team to work with who are happy to take the time to train you. Great opportunity as a backpacker to get to know other Aussie staff and locals and experience the real Territorian lifestyle outside of work.
Most memorable moment: Too many to name just one. All of the backpacking staff went to the Adelaide River Rodeo together, which is a must try for any staff lucky enough to work here during the dry next season. Being taken out crabbing for the day was another highlight. Every day off where we got out to Litchfield or to Berry Springs felt like a highlight, I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have had all this at our doorstep during my regional work. Overall, making new friends for life with other staff completing their regional work was the real highlight. The experience wouldn’t have been the same without our Berry Springs family.
Mic drop last words: Country music is now my favourite genre and I’m never going back.
Where to next: Road tripping the east coast in a camper with my lovely girlfriend.

Name: Ciara O’Sullivan
Age: 26
Hometown: Cork, Ireland
Reason for picking BST: I was passing through the area, as a tourist, and came upon BST. I was instantly struck by the friendly staff and general positive atmosphere of the Tavern. Each staff member made us feel instantly at home. While speaking to my family members (who have visited the tavern on several occasions) they too noted the atmosphere and the warm staff. It was then that I thought this would be the ideal place to complete my 88 days.
Why would you recommend BST: There are a multitude of reasons why I would recommend BST. The core few being that you instantly are part of a family, the support and the laughs. Issues with cars, getting places and general advice was lovingly given by the staff. You never feel alone and always know there is a support system in and out of work. As someone who hasn’t worked in hospitality in a few years, each manager colleague was so understanding and took the time to train and explain the different aspects of the job, whether you are a hospitality veteran or new to the game, you will be welcomed and supported. Finally, the laughs and the getting the opportunity to work with a diverse group of genuinely lovely people. I have truly made friends for life.
Most memorable moment: A moment which sticks out in my mind is The Great Mullet Shave, where all proceeds went to Cancer Council. It was a fantastic day where the customers dressed in fancy dress and cut their hair for charity. The sun was shining, there was live music and the vibes were truly immaculate. It also showed us that this is more than a tavern, it is a community where even staff members got involved in the shave.
Mic drop last words: You will make some of your best memories in BST, if you get the chance to work here appreciate every moment. For everything, for the tavern itself, the staff and the locals I will always appreciate this wonderful experience. DO IT FOR THE PLOT!
Where to next: I will return to my job in Sydney as a Special Education Teacher. I hope to travel the West Coast and Asia.

Name: Mat Marston (Berry Springs bad boi)
Age: 24
Hometown: Manchester, UK
Reason for picking BST: Good vibes, cool animals, loads of beautiful nature and national parks.
Why would you recommend BST: Good people, great location, perfect place to save up while still experiencing the NT. A proper bush experience but still not too far from civilisation and luxuries in the city.
Most memorable moment: Outback rodeo, croc feedings and wild nights out in Darwin City.
Mic drop last words: Big cash in Aus land
Where to next: Uluru and Alice Springs!